New site, new drops, and restocks!!

What's up everyone!

Im so stoked on the new site and all the features I can start bringing. My main focus for this was to get things organized so I can continue to bring as much content as possible with out clutter and loosing items in the mass. Haha! I still have things I want to add and change up on here including a calendar of release dates and F.A.Q. (Currently in the works.) but I felt like this was a solid starting place to start. Hope everyone enjoys it a bit better and don't hesitate to let me know of any problems or bugs that may pop up. 

As for new drops we have the new ranger pack featuring White Ranger V2, Alpha 5 V2, and Zordon. Alpha and White Ranger will be 2.25 like the rest of the rangers but Zordon will be 3 inches and they will all be on black nickel hard enamel. Always love doing new ranger stuff and perfect timing for the Anniversary!

Also have a few restocks and even more on the way!

These are the ones just in!

  • Voltron

  • Deku Smash

  • Tokoyami V2

  • Tenya, Ingenium

  • All 5 Rangers in glitter

  • One Tail Naruto

  • Beerus, Destruction

  • Alucard

  • Spider-man Symbiote Takeover

  • Nightcrawler

  • Zero Two